The Beach

This week the theme is all about the beach. Or in some cases more tenuously linked to the beach. My reason for this is that at the weekend I was in Thailand for a bachelors party and placing to one side the large sack full of clichés which may or may not have been linked to the events that may or may not have taken place, we found ourselves on the final afternoon by a rather select stretch of coastline so some of these tunes came to mind.Read more


Ok so this week I wanted to recognise two things.

1.) We are all getting older

2.) It doesn't matter, because some musicians have written songs that are timeless and therefore multiple generations can sit down and listen and enjoy them together without contempt or embarrassment.

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The Beginning

This is the first IVTunes post and there for the hook - the taster - the one to bring you back for more.. Not strictly true as I'm actually posting this in retrospect having started this effort on spotify and then realised that there was a word limit on the playlist description list. I also realised that many of my friends don't subscribe to Spotify which is ok - we are all allowed to be individual within the boundaries of 4 globally available music streaming services. The only major hat tip here is to Ian who asked me to burn him a CD.

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