Ok so this week I wanted to recognise two things.

1.) We are all getting older

2.) It doesn’t matter, because some musicians have written songs that are timeless and therefore multiple generations can sit down and listen and enjoy them together without contempt or embarrassment.

Now I grant you that there are many songs that don’t fit into this category. I will probably grant you a second consent that I haven’t road-tested this theory with a member of another generation yet so it may be completely blown out of the water. I probably won’t ask my Dad, as clearly all music released past 1978 has failed in some spectacular way and the rest of time is just a slippery slope into a mired oblivion where all music is equivalent to the sound of chainsaws dismembering squirrels, played on a loop. Its OK, he won’t read this, as he thinks the internet is some sort of modern fishing tool. Which actually aligns to some forward thinking social dystopian views…

Moving swiftly on to the music. Its been 15 years already since Elliott Smith was taken from us. Bled White is from the 1998 album XO and this tune could easily fit in any line up from the multiple bands he has influenced who are on the scene at the moment.

I don’t really know much about Kid Loco aka Jean-Yves Prieur – I like A Grand Love Theme a lot though and I’ll still be playing it in another 20 years on my airpod45 (whatever).

I don’t know if Air have aged. Perhaps they have. To be honest this song Remember always sounded old to me – with the exception of that cheeky drum riff which could have been stolen from some future dubstep jazz break in 2056.

And to Radiohead with No Surprises. There are unsurprisingly (see what i did there) a number of other tracks from this band that could have made it in. When you define your own style it only ages relative to you and not to the other styles of the time. That sounds like a bunch of chop until you think about it.