This is the first IVTunes post and there for the hook – the taster – the one to bring you back for more.. Not strictly true as I’m actually posting this in retrospect having started this effort on spotify and then realised that there was a word limit on the playlist description list. I also realised that many of my friends don’t subscribe to Spotify which is ok – we are all allowed to be individual within the boundaries of 4 globally available music streaming services. The only major hat tip here is to Ian who asked me to burn him a CD.

What to say about these 4 songs… well I thought I would ease myself in with 4 tunes that just are grand.

We start with Vampire Weekend’s Ezra Koenig’s cracking voice literally cracking at the top of the line ‘do you wanna $^*&.’ over some cunningly African jangle pop in Cape Cod Kwassa Kwassa Then we head in to some Freazy by Wolf Alice. A record that sounds like it should have been released in about 1989 and carries all of the grandeur of that indie genre with none of the baggage.. After that a toast to the Middle Kids who make me want to be in the middle of a field with 10,000 people with their tune Edge of Town. Finally, The Sundays with Here’s Where The Story Ends a song that is the aural equivalent of a warm happy dog on a winter’s evening.