This week I have been on a mission to dig into Japan and bring you 4 tunes from Japanese artists. So much of Japanese culture is inaccessible to the non Japanese-speaking world. There are many things that Japan has brought to the rest of the world, from its food to literature and art but still there are many examples in the arts where the language barrier is too hard to climb. This is a shame of course as Japan has much to offer in is musical repertoire. What tends to be exposed on a global stage is the kitsch, the bizarre or the unfathomable. Read more

Bose Quiet Comfort 35 Headphones

These have become my goto headphones and I find myself using them nearly every day - be it for gaming, watching TV or just listening to my 'Four Tunes' playlists..! (yeah I do that..) They are comfortable, light and the battery lasts for about 20 hours of use between charges. But its the combination of noise cancelling and high quality sound performance that really shines with these cans.Read more