These have become my goto headphones and I find myself using them nearly every day – be it for gaming, watching TV or just listening to my ‘Four Tunes’ playlists..! (yeah I do that..) They are comfortable, light and the battery lasts for about 20 hours of use between charges. But its the combination of noise cancelling and high quality sound performance that really shines with these cans.

As with all noise cancelling headphones, don’t expect to be able to completely shut out the outside world. but they are extremely good at removing continuous pitched sounds like aircraft engines or air conditioning or road noise. Long flights are so much easier with these to hand.

Since I bought mine, Bose have released the series II, but as far as I can tell the only discernible upgrade is the introduction of a large button on the left earphone to change the noise cancelling level. I could see this being useful, but its also easy just to drop them round your neck if you want to let the world in for a moment.

I think my only gripe would be the limitation to connect to no more than 2 bluetooth sources at the same time. I find myself using the phone app a lot to switch from PC, to FireTV to laptop to phone etc. But its a small issue with what are otherwise the best purchase I made in 2017.

One word of warning though – they are generally twice as expensive as you first thought, as you will end up buying a pair for your partner too…