If the site looks a bit different today then it’s because I moved it. Nothing ever goes as smoothly as you expect, especially in the world of technology. So sorry about that. I’m doing my best. Unfortunately my best is mediocre.

Following a recent trend, I thought I would write a haiku about WordPress migration.

my files like autumn leaves
where is my domain

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Well well, tempus fugit and all that. Its been a full couple of weeks and I’ve been catching up on a few side projects, which have unfortunately pushed my 'bloggerhythms' down the priority list. The eagle-eyed amongst you will notice that the week numbering has mysteriously vanished from the post title. A cunning piece of trickery to evade the calendar police. Or the witless cover-up of a lazy man fumbling his past due submissions into the editor’s inbox. Read more


So I missed 2 weeks. Well I figured it’s probably not going to bother my devoted public of 2 or 3 kind friends who read this on the toilet when they've run out of Facebook updates. I'll also give you a free life tip: Don't set deadlines to things you enjoy.. I actually worried about not delivering my 'blog' on time to an imaginary target I set for myself. Like life isn't stressful enough.

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A lot has been happening this week on the little island of Singapore. It's not often that your journey to work gets disrupted by a North Korean dictator. Well unless you live in Pyongyang, where it’s probably a daily event. Then again if you do live in Pyongyang and you are reading this... Welcome friend, this is the Internet. Read more


I had a notion this week that I might do a 'Film' theme. Yes, 4tunes from the sound tracks of films. 'That should be easy', my naive and probably over tired brain decided. It was only when I actually sat down to start putting the list together that I panicked. Which films? how could I possibly even just choose 4 movies, and then how to select a song from the sound track that best reflects the film. There are literally millions of permutations and combinations. This is like the Everest of 4 tunes. Read more


I love the sound of a deadline as it whistles past. Here we are merrily biting into the proverbial sandwich of week 23 and I am still labouring on providing you with four tunes for week 22. I'm not angry. I'm just disappointing.

I was in India last week, which has kept me a little distracted and unable to spend my leisure time satisfying my musical want. My experience of this vast country has been cursory at best. Each visit has left me feeling more intrigued, if slightly shell shocked. The noise, the smells, the food, the broad smiles and wide eyes. The knowledge that it is possible to fit a thousand moving vehicles into an acre of tarmac and gravel with only the deities and the humble car horn to keep them from colliding.Read more


I'm touching on a nautical theme this week. A close friend of mine had a birthday last week and I was reminded of distant friends. In general he is a cantankerous old bastard but has a heart of gold and I love him dearly. He has a passion for sailing. More accurately, he has a passion for drinking by rivers and sailing is more of a by product. But he has a talent for it and a calm head in a high wind. (probably numbed by the alcohol). I'm not sure he would approve of everything on this playlist, but what he doesn't know won't bother him.Read more


Ahh I know I'm probably going to alienate a few people this week. Last week we were wading in the depths, earnestly disseminating the vocal credentials which contribute to a good passionate bellowing. Now this week we are way back in the shallow-end, tending to our truculent farm of ear worms.Read more

Shouty Music

I got a bit delayed this week as something called ‘work’ cropped up. It made me think of times when being able to grab a microphone and bellow would be the ultimate cathartic response. In fact this is personified perfectly in our new favourite TV series ‘Aggretsuko’. I’d try to explain but I think you need to watch to really appreciate the mental, metal, Japanese-ness of it all.Read more


I apologise in advance for what is going to happen here. Earlier this week I contracted a little earworm. Niggling in the back of my mind was this sunny little reggae number with chords still warm from the fingers of Bob Marley, overlaid with Sting's repetitive but remorseful lyrics of heartbreak. Round and round it went in my mind piecing itself together from memory until it finally forced itself into physical manifestation through my fingers to the keyboard to the speakers. Now I’m stuck. I cannot un-hear it and I cannot hear anything else.

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