Time - part one

‘Even a stopped clock tells the right time twice a day, and for once I'm inclined to believe Withnail is right. We are indeed drifting into the arena of the unwell. Making enemies of our own futures.’ “Marwood” – Withnail & I

Time is the one thing we all have in common. We are all subject to its unavoidable march forward and we all have a limited amount of it whilst we qualify for the classification of the living. This year has perhaps made many of us examine our relationship with time a little more closely. I for one feel like the time has accelerated. The year is rushing through like a urgent bowel movement. No sooner have I awoken and started working, is it time to think about dinner and sleep. One day its June the 8th the following day seemingly is August 3rd. I’m fairly convinced the monotony of repetitive behaviour is to blame.

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I know before I start to write this, that there are several dangerous off-ramps on the road through this article. I have thought sensibly about avoiding them all and pursuing the destination in the most trouble-free manner. However, it is entirely possible I will end up down some dark path, entrenched in marsh and thistle with the tree canopies closing in over my head. Onward then. I’ve bought some Kendal Mint Cake and a penknife just in case.

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Bond Undercover

After an extended hiatus I have decided to restart this project. I did not ever really explain why I stopped, and so true to form, I will not indulge to present the details on why I have started again. It just is.

There are a number of small pleasures that I have been partaking of during the enforced pandemic isolation. Mostly involving eating and drinking and the results are becoming increasingly apparent through the expansion of my corpulent form.

It is fair to say that television has been high on the list of entertainment choices in our household. With a vast array of terrible programming, it has been a good chance to revisit some old classics. As a British male born in the 70’s I consider James Bond to be part of my cultural heritage. I’m an unashamed fan of the genre. Danger, exotic locations, beautiful people, extravagance, gadgets, cars, and the cunning and reckless determination of a flawed hero putting Queen and country above self.

Don’t get me wrong. I don’t aspire to be Bond, I just enjoy the idea of it all… and maybe I want to be Bond just a little bit..

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in it together..

I was inspired to find this list by a couple I met the other night. Her a vocalist (and aspiring bass player) and him a designer and guitarist, formally of a band on the edge of success. Now together, the creativity swirling between them has inevitably overflowed into collaboration. Having only met them briefly I for one am excited to hear the results, but is it a dangerous path they are straying down?

Clearly my own capability has limited the number of invitations to join others in making beautiful music together, but what I have observed from the side-lines is something that can be incredibly rewarding and terrifyingly frustrating in equal quantity. The creative process can be exhausting, exhilarating and highly emotional. The better you understand someone, warts and all, the better you know how to exploit their talents and support each other to greater heights than you could achieve individually. The same unfortunately happens in destruction. So success and survival go hand in hand and the ever present danger of succumbing to human weaknesses and imploding the whole thing is often tangible and frequently realised.Read more


Liking 'new' things is a relatively recent evolution within humans. Consider for a moment that we went over 10,000 years between inventing the method of making fire and inventing the match. That's hundreds of generations of people content to rub rocks together without demanding any significant progress.

500 years ago, depending on your financial circumstances, you may have only owned 2 sets of clothes and eaten nothing but apples for 3 months of the year. These are stories that make the purveyors of consumerism quake in this week’s electric blue Louboutins. Even the moderately conservative 21st century humans demand new. We have been sold a dream the future! The dream of rapid development. For the spoilt children of the technological evolution, nothing is ever enough. "Where is my hover-board?" screams generation X. "How long do I have to wait before I can print my own food?". "Why is my mobile phone so heavy?". "Why is space travel so expensive?". "Why can’t Siri understand me when I’m micro-dosing?" "Why does change take so damn loooooong?". "Ooh look a new iPhone...."

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