Liking 'new' things is a relatively recent evolution within humans. Consider for a moment that we went over 10,000 years between inventing the method of making fire and inventing the match. That's hundreds of generations of people content to rub rocks together without demanding any significant progress.

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Let Me Shorten That For You (LMSTFY)

Unfortunately, I’ve had little time for the pleasures of literary noodling and digging up tuneful relics over the last few weeks, as I’ve been gadding about Europe eating waffles, drinking brown beer and taking part in less amusing activities such as work. Now I’m back in the red dot to a number of dead pot plants, a fused light fitting, a broken television and a heaped tablespoon full of brain numbing jetlag. So what better way to slip back into routine than to stroke the proverbial wizard’s beard of musical enlightenment and sift through the matted hairs with my gnarled travellers’ fingers for nuggets of sonic nourishment left from previous bouts of comfort eating.
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We don’t get a very exciting celestial display at night here in Singapore. Light pollution aside, we should really be in the 'goldilocks zone' for astronomers. At just 1.3 degrees north of the equator, there must be majestic representation from both the northern and southern hemispheres somewhere up there. When Stanford Raffles arrived on the edge of this steamy, swamp island 200 years ago he probably had a pretty spectacular view of the heavens, albeit through gin soaked eyes (allegedly). Today, surprisingly the brightest objects in the sky are the planets (and planes - less surprisingly). Recently I’ve been able to see Mars, Venus and Jupiter all tricking about on the horizon looking like little blinky bobbins rather than the massive alien spheres of rock and gas of which my science informs me they are.

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I have a hard time doing nothing. Really good, honest nothing or as comedian Micky Flanagan so eloquently refers to it ‘proper f*&k all’. I think it is becoming a lost art. A time of consciousness when the brain just lapses into a low current mode. Dulled senses, nothing processed, zero output. I really did have a good try at this today. Pottering is about as close as I can get. Half heartedly bumbling through some nonsensical tasks in an inefficient manner. My brain is clearly running slower when I’m pottering, but its stuttering, like there’s bad fuel in the engine. It still wants to keep going.

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If the site looks a bit different today then it’s because I moved it. Nothing ever goes as smoothly as you expect, especially in the world of technology. So sorry about that. I’m doing my best. Unfortunately my best is mediocre.

Following a recent trend, I thought I would write a haiku about WordPress migration.

my files like autumn leaves
where is my domain

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Well well, tempus fugit and all that. Its been a full couple of weeks and I’ve been catching up on a few side projects, which have unfortunately pushed my 'bloggerhythms' down the priority list. The eagle-eyed amongst you will notice that the week numbering has mysteriously vanished from the post title. A cunning piece of trickery to evade the calendar police. Or the witless cover-up of a lazy man fumbling his past due submissions into the editor’s inbox. Read more