I was busy crafting another four tunes article the other day and was possibly less diligent in my file maintenance routine than normal (I didn’t save it). Somewhere between me leaving my laptop and returning with a glass half full of inspiration (and tonic), the laptop prepared to update itself and rebooted, seemingly annihilating my document in the process.

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Do androids dream of electric sheep? Why? Why would they? I don’t dream about sheep. I dream about annoying things like never-ending, meaningless IT projects, or being chased through acid rain into a field of knives by a pack of hungry wolves (preferable). Perhaps android shepherds would dream about electric sheep. But one could also argue that if electric sheep had been built properly then they wouldn’t require a shepherd and therefore the concept wouldn’t exist. Only possibly then, electric sheep might develop a theory of android shepherds through machine learning... Whichever way you look at it ‘Blade Runner’ was always going to be a better movie title anyway.
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‘Even a stopped clock tells the right time twice a day, and for once I'm inclined to believe Withnail is right. We are indeed drifting into the arena of the unwell. Making enemies of our own futures.’ “Marwood” – Withnail & I

Time is the one thing we all have in common. We are all subject to its unavoidable march forward and we all have a limited amount of it whilst we qualify for the classification of the living. This year has perhaps made many of us examine our relationship with time a little more closely. I for one feel like the time has accelerated. Read more


I know before I start to write this, that there are several dangerous off-ramps on the road through this article. I have thought sensibly about avoiding them all and pursuing the destination in the most trouble-free manner. However, it is entirely possible I will end up down some dark path, entrenched in marsh and thistle with the tree canopies closing in over my head. Onward then. I’ve bought some Kendal Mint Cake and a penknife just in case.

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Bond Undercover

After an extended hiatus I have decided to restart this project. I did not ever really explain why I stopped, and so true to form, I will not indulge to present the details on why I have started again. It just is.

There are a number of small pleasures that I have been partaking of during the enforced pandemic isolation. Mostly involving eating and drinking and the results are becoming increasingly apparent through the expansion of my corpulent form.

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