Audio-Technica is not a brand I knew much about when I lived in the UK. When my trusty Senheiser earphones gave out after I’d first moved to Singapore, I realised they would cost a small fortune to replace like for like, so I thought I would try another brand. That’s when I bought my first Audio-Technicas.

First impressions were extremely good. to beat the senheisers on sound depth and crispness, with a far more powerful Bass than you would expect from such a small package. I was sold. The humidity does weird things to electronics out here. well to be honest it does weird things to everything. most everything will rot at some point and it seems the glue in my earphones was no exception. I don’t blame the manufacturer for this I do tend to give earphones a lot of rough treatment. But in my hands the first pair didn’t last a year. In a state of panic on a business trip at an airport I bought the only available pair of audio-technicas in the shop as a replacement and was disappointed. the sound quality of the ATH-CKS550IS is still pretty impressive but the dimensions and strange shape meant they kept falling out of my ear or dislodging enough to make the sound tinny. so back to the reviews and I looked to replicate the originals with an updated model. That’s how I landed on the ATH-CKR50IS. great value – outstanding base and so far holding out a lot better than their predecessor. I like this brand. they have pedigree and understand what is important to the listener. its worth trying a few different models in their range as everyone is different and in ear earphones have a much more ‘personal’ fit than other headphones.