Audio-Technica ATH-CKR50iS in ear headphones

Audio-Technica is not a brand I knew much about when I lived in the UK. When my trusty Senheiser earphones gave out after I'd first moved to Singapore, I realised they would cost a small fortune to replace like for like, so I thought I would try another brand. That's when I bought my first Audio-Technicas. Read more

Men who sing good

I set myself an unnecessary challenge this week. 4 tunes by great male vocalists. What sets some voices out from the crowd? Power, range, tone? is it feasible to say one voice is 'better' than another? Well.. yes clearly I can name a vast number of people with a better singing voice than mine.. But with this qualitative analysis of vocal talent the bigger question is raised again. Is quality a direct reflection of personal taste? I try to avoid using the labels 'good' or 'bad' when I talk about music. Repeat the mantra after me: 'If I do not like something, it does not mean it is bad' There are many reasons that people don't connect with specific musical styles. I am not fond of Country and Western music. I let it be known.Read more