It should probably be said that my running style is not particularly elegant. It is a bit like a hurried lumber and the revolving track of the treadmill takes a lot of punishment during the process. All this vibration means I need headphones that are going to stay in place and survive a torrent of perspiration at the same time. Having owned a number of different forms of Senheiser equipment over the years, I can say that you rarely go wrong in terms of sound quality and these sports headphones are no exception. What I have found with some of their products in the past is a tendency to be fragile. So far these headphones seem to have a stronger construction and are not showing any signs of stress.

I know many people would opt for bluetooth headphones for the gym now to avoid the ‘flapping cable’ syndrome, for me however, the simplicity and lack of additional batteries to charge wins over.

If you are looking for some high quality sound and solid construction at a very reasonable price point then you can’t really go wrong here. The lime green cable is a little outrageous for my subtle gym attire, but it compliments the glowing red of my face in festive applause…

Recommended test tune: Obvs by Jamie xx