With so much of our technology expected to multitask these days we often expect a lot of the new devices we bring into our homes. I had a very specific list of requirements when I started researching equipment to power my Dali speakers. Connectivity and sound quality being the two primary needs. The NA6005 delivers both in spades. Multiple options to connect via network streaming or bluetooth for wireless devices and a healthy span of ports on the back for wired connections. Its pretty straightforward to operate and gets fairly regular updates from Marantz – some more successful than others it should be said.

If you have other Marantz equipment this would make a nice addition to the family. Being able to connect from any device and stream music directly using Spotify makes this a versatile machine – I think the next step would be to incorporate a voice assistant like Alexa or Google Home, but I’m not sold on the value of those just yet. Especially outside of the US.
The sound quality I experience is really the result of the pairing with the Dali Menuet speakers in my setup, but you aren’t limited to this configuration and can select your weapon of choice for output. The NA6005 comes with the Cirrus Logic DAC CS4398 chip integrated – this is a pretty awesome and well renowned digital analogue converter and helps to give the device its quality sound output.
Only 2 gripes with this one. as mentioned on some of the amazon reviews there have been issues with network connectivity. I have found that these have been sorted out with the latest version of the firmware and my unit has been stable and well connected for many months now. Second gripe would be the Marantz app. Clearly the app team at Marantz have better things to do…
I also looked at a Cambridge Audio, NAIM, Onkyo, Pyle and Sony before choosing this system. If you need more options (like CD, HDD etc, then some of these may be better for you. but you can’t go wrong with a Marantz in your house somewhere..