I’m a little fussy when it comes to sound quality but I don’t think I quite fall into the category of Audiophile. If you were to compare my level of ‘connoisseurism’ to that of a wine expert I would say I’m a $40 bottle guy. When I was looking to replace my home sound system I did a lot of research. I can recommend building a playlist of diverse tunes that you think are going to stretch the ranges of a speaker and taking that with you when you go shopping. Granted the shop staff may not approve of your home made NWA remix – but if that’s what you listen to, you need to make sure it sounds good on your new speakers.

These Dali Menuets are one of the smaller speakers in Dali’s range. However, when it comes to passive speakers, the cabinet size does not always infer quality. i.e. bigger not necessarily better.. when I tested these I sat them next to other speakers in the Dali range that were much larger and these beat them on sound range and depth.

These speakers pack a real punch and the clarity of range is really outstanding. I’ve had mine now for over a year and the sound is improving through use. Other factors that impact your sound are the location (good to have a wall behind, but not too close). The cables (yes spend money on cables. it does make a difference). Finally of course, the amplifier and I’ll review mine next.

These speakers are a little pricey but you won’t be sorry… The black ones are shown below but they come in a range of colours. I have the walnut ones as I’m a wood lover, the finish is very good. You feel like you have invested in something of quality.