This is a great little speaker from Bose. Easy to connect to, long battery life and great sound I take it on holiday with me, on picnics, to BBQs. It has surprising power and warmth for its size. there are so many little speakers like this on the market and many for a considerably lower price, but its likely that most will disappoint when you crank them up. As many of the amazon reviews will re-iterate – this is not a replacement for your home stereo systems, but designed to be for portable use. If you are having a party with more than 10 people regardless of the room this speaker will tend to start to get a bit lost. but it holds its own really well with smaller (or less boisterous) groups.  Battery life can’t be faulted either – going well for the stated 8 hours unless really cranked. and One major plus is that it will charge and play at the same time – unlike my Creative Roar.

In short this is a smashing piece of kit and we are very lucky to have one especially as it was given to us as a gift!

From the looks of the Amazon site there is now a newer version of this little speaker which has a new mobile app for easier connectivity and is water resistant (maybe beer resistant too..?) great!